Anna Henly - Photographer Edinburgh

Scottish Cycling

These are images from a fantastic event organised by Scottish Cycling in Pollok Park in Glasgow: “Women’s Learn to Ride Biking Festival”.

Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland, Forestry Commission Scotland and Backbone worked together to teach all the women featured below to ride. Many of them had never even sat on a bike before.

The aim was to encourage women to get involved, feel comfortable around bikes, get more information on accessing their local woodlands and start their journey to become a life-long cyclist.

Sir Chris Hoy they most definitely were NOT – but their enthusiasm and energy was inspirational!

A lifelong ambition to learn to ride is realised!

Excited women sign up to sessions with an instructor
Women help each other to put on cycling helmets
A patient instructor explains how to ride - learning is a bit tricky when you are an adult and there appears to be quite a long way to fall.
She is amazed at how easily she has picked it up!
To make it more difficult they try to ride on the grass. It will be softer to fall onto.....
An 8-year old girl turns up with all the gear and makes it look very easy
The women are loving learning to ride
A plan is hatched to cycle in a circle - all going the same way......
Although they are a bit wobbly no one crashes
The women are getting the hang of it and no one falls off into the puddles
It begins to pour with rain so they get a taste of real Scottish cycling. They can't stop smiling.
The Forestry Commission hopes to get the girls cycling on the forest trails.
In spite of the rain there are still women appreciating one-to-one instruction
The sweet smile of success. She can't wait to tell her family she CAN ride a bike!!!

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