Anna Henly - Photographer Edinburgh

Portrait Photography

Anna has an individual approach to social portrait photography which is very much in vogue. She calls it “lifestyle” photography: the art of capturing the way people feel – not just how they look. A photoshoot is fun for everyone, especially Anna, and results in relaxed and spontaneous images that mirror today’s informal lifestyle.

Anna can shoot indoors in her fabulous photographic studio or outdoors in the wilds of Scotland. In her experience people often say they want images to be shot in a studio. But she finds that people often prefer the shots taken in inspirational locations such as woodland and beaches wearing casual clothes. Her studio location is perfect: on the outskirts of Edinburgh, surrounded by woodland, field and garden, with on-site parking.
She particularly loves capturing the love between small children and their parents, and the bond between dogs and their owners. There is always time to take photographs of the children or babies on their own, as well as get action shots of the dogs running up and down the field outside the studio!

People are natural today with light make-up and wear casual rather than formal clothes. They want the same look in their pictures: to be themselves, interacting with their families, not just staring into the camera. While everyone, especially the children, is enjoying the experience Anna is capturing the fun. Kids have got a short attention span so she is used to working quickly and keeping things moving.

Before the shoot takes place she encourages people to choose their own special places to add meaning to their photographs. This way people always have unique images which can even be designed to complement the colours of their homes. She also advises on clothing, and finds out as far as possible who the pictures are for, where they are going to be hung, whether they may be displayed in an album, and whether there is a possible preference for black and white, or colour images. (All images are shot digitally, hence can be in colour or monochrome).

She encourages women to bring along makeup, which Anna can help apply to enhance the portraits, and a variety of clothing options (see the fact sheets for additional suggestions). She recommends allowing two hours for a photoshoot which gives plenty of time for relaxed photography and a coffee break.

Images can be chosen immediately after the shoot, and Anna will help you design a bespoke portrait album or frame the images, singly or in multiframes. Choosing a few images, when you love all of them, is harder than you might think. Anna will also put a few, with your permission, on FB, for your friends and family to enjoy too. A lot of effort goes into image processing your pictures after a shoot, and just maybe, Anna can turn back time – discreetly of course!

Many people never get round to organising a portrait photoshoot for their families and regret it. Anna has taken photographs of people since the age of 9 when she was thrilled to receive a camera as a Birthday present from her father.

Her photographs are the most precious thing she owns as she has countless happy memories of her family, friends and travels…She sincerely recommends you photograph the people you value before the moment has passed!

Kind Words

Anna, I want to thank you! The photography was so much more relaxed than I expected. I felt comfortable with you and you were such a kind professional. Thank you for making that experience so positive!

Jenna, Seattle, USA

The pictures are all up and as I walk round the house I just beam. Anna, I am so happy with them that I am in danger of Richard giving me a look for repetition. He loves them too but he hasn’t dreamed about them in quite the way I have. They mean so much to me and they are just what I wanted. Only problem is that Benjamin is complaining that there aren’t any huge ones of him!!!! And they make the house look finished which is great.

Claire, London

Thank you so much for the gorgeous photographs of Alex. They are excellent, you have captured his lovely little personality so well. We look forward to arranging another family portrait in the future.

Lynn, Aberdeen

John and I were absolutely delighted with all the photographs. We were very impressed and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending you to anyone looking to get professional photographs taken.

Catriona, Aberdeen

Our photographs are just superb. We are so pleased them – they are a wonderful set of memories. We really appreciate what you have done and the time and effort that you took.

Amy, Ben and Richard, Edinburgh

Thank you for all your wonderful support. It has, and always will be a privilege working together. May ALL of our dreams come true.

Pete & Jo, Sydney

Photoshoot £25

Framed Pictures

Every frame is bespoke and designed to complement each individual photograph. Prices are for the mounted photograph and frame complete.


Images up to 7” x 5” – £115
Images up to 10” x 8” – £175


Images up to 12” x 8” – £235
Images up to 12” x 10” – £265
Images up to 18” x 12” – £350


Images up to 20” x 14” £395
Images up to 24” x 20” £455
Images up to 30” x 20” £575

Unframed Prints

(N.B. these are only available if a copy of the SAME image has already been purchased in an album or frame).

7” x 5” – £35
10” x 8” – £50
12” x 8” – £75

Multi-image Frames

2 in 13 in 14 in 16 in 18 in 19 in 110 in 1

Canvas Wraps

Images up to 12” x 8” – £235
Images up to 12” x 10” – £265
Images up to 18” x 12” – £350
Images up to 20” x 14” – £395
Images up to 24” x 20” – £455
Images up to 30” x 20” – £575


This is a striking way to show off photography in a contemporary environment. The image is printed onto a deep, colourless acrylic sheet. Chunky metal bolts are part of the frame and wall fixings.

Prices are the same as for canvas wraps.

Album collections

You may prefer to buy your images in a Bespoke album or Photobook, with covers in contemporary and traditional fabrics. Prices are for the album and pictures. A surcharge applies for certain album covers – please enquire at time of ordering.

No. of images8101216202430
9in Album£575£675£775£865£985
12in Album£575£645£715£835£935£1035£1215

Gift Vouchers

If you would like to give a gift that is truly personal, why not purchase a gift that will be appreciated for a lifetime. Gift Vouchers can be purchased for any amount and can be used towards any product.

Thank You

I would like to thank you for asking Anna Henly Photography to capture your family’s precious memories. If you have enjoyed the experience I would appreciate it if you could recommend me to a friend. If your friend books a photoshoot and places an order, I will give you a 10”x8” print of your choice from your session. Just tell them to give me your name when he or she books. Thank you.

Fact Sheet – Adults

The following is a list of suggestions only – each session is individual and it is important that you feel comfortable with your choice of clothes, so that the pictures reflect your lifestyle.


Please bring several different outfits with you. Don’t worry about bringing too much – the more choice, the better! Suggestions: Evening dress; jeans; black trousers; light coloured top; long sleeved shirt; casual jumper or fleece; shoes; tights etc. (This is not an essential list – it is only intended as a guideline – please bring anything you feel happy in). Please don’t forget to bring some warm clothes so we can go outside if you wish!


If you wear glasses – tinted or reactalite, they can look very dark in photos. If you are able to have non-reflective glass this will be beneficial but not essential.


Please bring your normal makeup with you – I can help you apply natural makeup in front of a mirror to emphasise the eyes and improve skin tones. We will be able to discuss colours, hairstyles and the way you would like to look. Because the makeup is applied to achieve the best possible results in front of a camera, it may appear stronger than you wear it in the daytime. If you have any allergies to makeup please let me know.


Please wash and style your hair as you would if going out for the evening. If you use hairclips and combs please bring them too.

Viewing the pictures

After the session I will arrange a convenient time for you to view your pictures. The images will be presented in the form of a slide show, and you will have plenty of opportunity to design the presentation of your favourite images in frames or albums.

And finally…

When you have digested all this – just relax and enjoy the session!

Fact Sheet – Children

The following is a list of suggestions only – each session is individual and it is important that your children feel comfortable with, not inhibited by, their clothes.


Please bring several different outfits with you. Don’t worry about bringing too much – the more choice, the better!

Suggestions: Denim jeans/ dungarees etc; bright coloured clothes; pinafore dresses; long shorts; hats and headbands etc – in fact anything you think looks good on your children! Don’t forget some warm clothes so we can go outside!

If a child has a favourite teddy you may like to include this on the pictures. The more old fashioned ones look better, but as I am intending to capture their childhood, their favourite toy will have a lot of sentimental value in the future – no matter how grubby and chewed it may seem now!

Babies and toddlers

Please make sure that your appointment time is a good time for your children. If they are tired and hungry they will be very difficult to photograph. We sometimes have a little break to settle them down, and therefore it may be helpful to bring their own juice beaker or bottle of milk.

Viewing the pictures

After the session we will arrange a convenient time for you to view your pictures. The pictures will be presented in the form of a slide show, and you will have plenty of time to discuss your requirements. It is NOT advisable to bring children to the viewing session. I have a selection of beautiful frames and albums – please do not hesitate to ask for advice on any aspect of presentation.

And finally…

Please don’t worry that your child won’t smile or behave – I have endless patience with children. I like to photograph children as they are, looking really natural. This photoshoot will be a lot of fun, and when children are enjoying themselves they always look wonderful!