The Knights of Royal England at Linlithgow Palace

The sensational Knights of Royal England returned to the magnificent setting of Linlithgow Palace.

One lance shattered with the impact

After a spot of jousting the knights started showing off……….

And then they gave their horses a rest and fought on their feet in the rain

With a lot of silliness surely designed to impress the warring 6-year old boys in the crowd and not the wannabe princesses.

Do boys ever grow up??

And then the one female member of the troupe was put in a sack and dragged round the field by a knight gone wild

The knights were having a lot of fun. I’m glad I didn’t own any 5-year old boys with swords, as they were having their heads filled with sneaky moves.

A final triumphant ride to the applause of the crowds who weren’t put off by the annoying rain

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