Anna Henly - Photographer Edinburgh

Hogmanay 2011

Wishing everyone a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year! I have started 2012 with the first of my New Year’s Resolutions – to take MORE photographs in the world’s most beautiful city in which I am so very lucky to live!!
2011 was an action-packed year again. I discovered the sport of triathlon with TRIPLE the fun, and joined Edinburgh Triathletes. A large part of my year was devoted to trying not to drown in the Thames, Scottish lochs and the sea. Photographically my highlight was a trip offshore for Shell to photograph a platform being decommissioned. I stayed on a Russian heavy lift vessel for ten days and photographed the topside being severed and craned onto a barge, followed by its substructure being sucked off the seabed.
All this provided life-saving distraction from the TOTAL nightmare of builders at home. Predictably the six-month house extension turned into twelve months….. But I now have a fabulous photographic studio to work in, and Robin has a cinema.
Last year’s main resolution was to try and slow down a wee bit and take the time to enjoy life at a more sensible pace….Predictably I failed, no surprise there, and have taken the precaution of setting myself some more achievable New Year resolutions for 2012! I am going to try and speed up a wee bit, and take the time to enjoy life at a more efficient pace…….

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