Anna Henly - Photographer Edinburgh

Mountain Biking Scotland

These images are from a photoshoot for Ben Glencross who teaches mountain biking skills to novices.

I had to laugh when Ben thought I would be biking AND taking pictures…….Having Edinburgh Rat Raced with him a few times now, he of all people knows that my mountain bike skills are lamentable. I preferred to keep my cameras (and myself for that matter)  in one piece!!!

Ben Glencross in action at Flotterstone.
"Trust me, I'm a mountain bike instructor".
Ben can cycle gentle terrain too and wants to encourage beginners to develop their skills in a non-intimidating environment.
OOOPS!!!!! If you're nae falling, you're nae trying........
Time for a breather and to admire the stunning scenery of the Pentlands.
A few lessons from Ben and hopefully you too will be cycling like a pro.

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