Anna Henly - Photographer Edinburgh

Glasgow University Medics 2010

Glasgow University Medics Ball 2010, at the Fairmont, St Andrews

Dr McBrains and glamorous colleagues - letting their hair down with just one week before graduation
Glasgow Medical School 2010 summer graduation ceremony

The graduates are congratulated on their huge achievement - it's something that no one can ever take away.

The doctors all raise their right hand and swear the Hippocratic Oath to practise medicine ethically.
Katie is a bit surprised to find the paparazzi is already following every move
The same glamorous girls are now fully-qualified doctors. WELL DONE!!!!

The graduates get used to champagne as they mill around in the historic Glasgow University courtyard. They can hardly believe their student days are over. And neither can we - it seemed a long time for ALL of us!!!
Well done Katie - we are sooooooooo proud of you!
Now off you go, and please can one of you girls find a cure for MAN FLU!!

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