Enchanted Forest 2009 in Pitlochry

Picknickers in the enchanted forest

The Enchanted Forest sound and light spectacular in Pitlochry, Perthshire has begun. The theme this year is ” Scottish Myths and Legends”. Come nightfall Faskally Wood is hoaching with faeries, witches, kelpies and bogey men. Tam O’Shanter is here and even Robert the Bruce and spider are hiding in a cave.

Lights tempt the visitors into the forest......

The dragon's fiery breath


The Enchanted Forest


In the eerie forest a bogeyman twirls balls on chains

As the colours of the trees change so do the light trails of the juggler


Enchanted Forest, Nature photography



Haunted graveyard, Scottish myths and legends

Witches are haunting Faskally woods......

Bonnie Scotland, Scottish landscape photography

Wildlife photography, the Great Outdoors

The lights shimmer in the waters

Scottish myths and legends, Enchanted Forest

The kelpies' pearls

Scottish myths and legends, special effects

Macbeth's witches - "hubble, bubble toil and trouble".........

Robert the Bruce sits in his cave drawing inspiration from the spider.....

Tickets to the Enchanted Forest can be found at http://www.enchantedforest.org.uk/tickets.aspx
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