Edinburgh Rat Race 2009


A few pictures from the zany Edinburgh Rat Race 2009 – the urban adventure challenge that some of us look forward to all year………….

This activity (for points!) is “throw-a-mate”.  Funnily enough, most of the mates being thrown into the Scottish North Sea at Edinburgh were the women, bullied into it on grounds of reduced weight. Couldn’t really argue this point.

It's going to be cold.....

My greatest worry was losing my contact lenses in the sea. My mountain biking skills are bad enough even when I can see where I am going……..

Robin and Ben are having a laugh at my expense as usual....

Not sure if they were laughing at me, or the seaweed I was tangled up with……..more sea monster than mermaid….

Canoeing down the scenic canal in Sighthill, Edinburgh

No room for a domestic here (as in previous years) about the best way to canoe, so it’s decided that Robin and Ben will make the fastest team……….while I run alongside scaring away the swans and their band of cygnets.

Robin running up Arthur's Seat hunting for rat clues

Time for a spot of orienteering – up, down and all over Arthur’s Seat – to track down letters and form a word – RATIFIED…..

Wait for me!!

The team can’t lose me as the “weakest link” has the dibber. Without me, there’s no way of collecting the points!

It's nearly all over - just a few walls in the way

Phew! That's the Rat Race over for another year.......

And thanks and well done to the Rat Race crew for organising another fantastic Rat Race.  Can slack off for a few months now that’s over……

Rat Race Website details are here!


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