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Edinburgh photographic studio

Edinburgh’s newest photographic studio is on its way! It’s been a few years in the pipeline but the diggers started digging in October.

Award-winning architects Philip Campbell and Bengt Ericsson of Ericsson Architects, Dalkeith, have designed the “Whitespace” to perfection. Stanley Brash’s builders are building it!

The new studio is surrounded by fields and trees so folk will be able to take advantage of the beautiful rural backgrounds on its doorstep as well as the more pristine white setting and controlled lighting offered by a professional studio.

The dream studio Hi-Glide system is installed. The lights concertina up and down to the required height, and slide back and forth on the rails.
I have been cooking on the floor since Christmas. Have only caught one mouse sneeking around, eek.....Will have forgotten how to cook soon. It's been like camping but without the grizzly bears to worry about. Who needs a kitchen when you have a slowcooker and a microwave and a fish&chip shop?
Some school geometry requiring a pencil and string has been required to bisect a few angles - to ensure 6 spot lights are inserted with equal spacing!
Are we expecting rain after this lovely heat wave?
If I were the boss and it was a sunny day, I would hog all the toys too!!!
Barry the Babe completes the limed oak floor in the studio.

The little green box is VERY exciting. We have had three winters with no heating in the house. Three cheers for the new BOILER!!!! We will have central heating in time for summer. Roll on winter!!!
Someone has to work indoors. The granite and wood worktops arrive from Sheridan's and are carefully installed and sealed. No one will be allowed to touch them for quite a while......
After all the brutal wintry weather spring has definitely arrived. All the Tonka toys are out playing. I wouldn't mind a shot myself..
Boys and their toys on the soil mountain - loading up to begin backfilling. The end is in sight?
Keith starts to varnish the new back door.
A lot of soil needs to fill the moat around the studio otherwise we will need a bridge from the back door.
The scaffolding comes down so backfilling can begin. Keeping fingers crossed that the apple trees will have survived the winter with their roots exposed.
The brickies clad the outside of the new studio and strike a pose on the scaffolding.
Barry the Babe fits some posh doors.
The kitchen installation grounds to a halt as the cooker hood doesn't fit. SCREAM!!!!!! Magnet decides to custom manufacture one especially for me at its factory in Italy. I don't mind waiting!
The wooden flooring will be laid next, swiftly followed I hope by the photographic lighting engineers.

Anyone fancy tidying up?
At last the studio sees the light of day and the huge windows are installed.
Charlie and Barry ease the glass pane into place.
Hooray! The new kitchen is delivered at the double!!! Hopefully I won't be preparing our humble meals on the floor for much longer.......
This will provide a wonderful space for photography and watching movies. And some children have been muttering about computer games - some serious sooking up will be required.......
A painter decorates the studio ceiling.
Half a chunky ceiling beam is rotated by 90 degrees and forms a lovely division between kitchen and living areas. Much better!
The mess will get worse before it gets better.
It's quite shocking watching your living space being destroyed - even if you don't like the wallpaper.

Our delightful kitchen wall paper is no more.
The studio is taking shape. Watch this space.
The van managed to slide on the icy driveway down the hill.........fortunately only smashing through a wall. Our builder jumped out of the way. And yes, the hand brake was on!!!!
So much snow has fallen in Edinburgh that the Army has to dig the city out!
Looks like it will be a good year for Scottish skiing.
A foot of snow has fallen overnight and the builders still turn up at 8am as normal......

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