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Congratulations to Ben and Rachel Glencross!!

All my love and best wishes for a long and happy future together!
A few images from the wedding of Rachel Dickinson and Ben Glencross on May 21st 2011 in Yorkshire.

Mr and Mrs Ben Glencross
After the wedding ceremony, Ben and Rachel transport all their friends and family to Wentworth Castle in Yorkshire in a double decker bus.
They arrive at the party in a golf buggy.
Hooray for English weddings, sunshine and Pimms.
Rachel's mum, Mrs Dickinson
Rachel's dad, Mr Dickinson
Ben's sister and baby niece, all the way from Oz
Ben's mum, Isobel Glencross
The happy couple
A quick kiss.......
I'm having a great time. Braveheart has donned his kilt and is now flexing his muscles. I get to wear my best pink stilettos and there is an endless flow of Pimms......
Brilliant speeches and brave speechmakers who speak after we have finished Pavlova for dessert.
New rings successfully slipped onto fingers
Ben and Rachel enjoy the best man's speech. No nasty surprises, phew.......
Ben sips champagne while Isobel and Rachel clink glasses in a toast.
B&R begin the evening with the Gay Gordons..........What a brilliant day!

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